Breaking new ground

In the 1980s and '90s, the increasing use of three-dimensional components made of polymer materials with less surface energy challenged manufacturers of pre-treatment systems to seek new solutions. Until then, the Corona treatment had been the only available method for the treatment of two-dimensional web material. Now, fluorination was found to be suitable way of activating even complex three-dimensional geometry parts.

From these beginnings, and after extensive research and development, Fluor Technik System GmbH was founded in 1992. The fluorination treatment was continuously developed further. In 1995, surface activation using fluoride mixtures delivered first positive results.

FTS has been specialised for more than 20 years in developing and building own fluoration systems and as a provider of fluoration services. Successfully realised projects, membership in trade associations, cooperation with universities and research institutes and many patents underline the competence of FTS.

Today, FTS keeps on breaking new ground by extending its production capacity for job orders, by distributing and sharing information at trade shows and exhibitions while continuously developing new fields of application.