Top service and assured quality

FTS provides the support that you need
Our customers from many industries appreciate our quick and uncomplicated communication. FTS offers any service you may need:

  • Analytical investigations
  • Individual, customised packaging
  • Storage of intermediate and finished products
  • Just-in-time delivery on call
  • Quick and uncomplicated order processing
  • Individual labelling and identification

Controlled performance quality across all processes
We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 by the TÜV CERT certification office of TÜV Hessen, certificate no. 73 100 145.

  • We apply defined parameter sets. These are defined together with the customer according to the product and its use during sample evaluation and are stored as a formula in the PLC.
  • The process of fluorination is fully automated. Deviations from target values are identified and signalled. The entire procedure is documented.
  • Surface tension is measured using test ink according to DIN ISO 8296.
  • Initial-sample test reports and test certificates are generated upon request.

Quick and uncomplicated communication ensures satisfied customers from many industries.