Offline fluorination
Systems for three-dimensional substrates


Offline systems apply fluorination to three-dimensional parts in batch cycles: Shaped parts are fed into the vacuum chamber, fluorination is applied, and the parts are subsequently removed. The vacuum chamber is the core of any offline fluorination system made by FTS. It is optimised for the parts to be treated and for their quantity, the transport units and the loading and unloading procedure. All systems come complete with vacuum pumps and fixtures, fluorine supply and removal equipment, control and safety devices.

Cube- or cylinder-shaped vacuum chamber

The cube-shaped chamber accepts larger or mechanically sensitive parts in transport units or in loose arrangement. The cylindrical chamber accepts small parts as bulk material, moving them carefully to ensure uniform fluorine exposure.

Treatment process

For fluorination, products in the vacuum chamber are exposed to a fluorine/nitrogen mixture. Treatment duration, fluorine concentration profile and process temperature are adjusted to the specific product and application characteristics. The parameters inside the chamber are homogeneous at all times. All parameters are tested in pre-production trials. They are stored as a formula in the PLC and can be reproduced reliably.


  • 250 mm × 400 mm
  • 400 mm ×600 mm
  • 600 mm ×1000 mm
  • 1000 mm ×1600 mm

Custom dimensions available upon request.


  • 400 mm
  • 600 mm
  • 1000 mm
  • 1600 mm
  • 2000 mm

Custom dimensions available upon request.